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Commercial Properties, Condos & Townhomes

For many years, the communities along the Southern Oregon coast had thrived on timber and commercial fishing. While these still make up part of the region’s economic activities, they have given way to tourism and the service sector as the area’s primary industries.

With its rich and unspoiled natural beauty, the Southern Oregon coast attracts thousands of visitors every year – from tourists who stay for a few days or weeks, to weekenders who hie to the area for a quick getaway.

The communities in the region have much to offer in terms of leisure and recreation. In addition to myriad outdoor activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking and camping, these communities also boast a thriving arts and culture scene, thanks to the region’s rich history and the many world-class artists who have made their homes here.

As more and more people are discovering the wonders of the region, business opportunities are also on the rise. As a result, the number of commercial and residential properties has been increasing, offering unique opportunities to match the region’s growth areas.

If you’re looking to invest in the Southern Oregon coast, browse through our listings and learn about the many options you have when it comes to commercial properties.

Commercial Properties

You won’t find any steel and chrome high-rises in the commercial districts of Brookings-Harbor, Port Orford, Bandon, and other communities in the Southern Oregon coast. In keeping with the area’s charming small-town feel, commercial properties here are mostly low to mid-rise buildings perfect for multiple uses. There are warehouses that can be converted into retail or office spaces, executive suites or office spaces with ample parking, and buildings perfect for light industrial uses, such as auto shops or warehouses.

Most of the available commercial properties are vacant land in areas zoned for commercial and industrial use. They offer endless business possibilities with their great location and easy access from various parts of the community.

Some properties are located in residential and commercial zoned areas, which make them perfect for mixed-use developments, inns and lodges. Available land found close to the beach offers great potential as sites for resorts or retail spaces.

Condos and Townhouses

You’ll find a number of condos and townhouses in Southern Oregon’s coastal communities. Many are located near the beach and other areas of interest, and provide more affordable primary or secondary home options without sacrificing living space or comfort.

These properties range from studios to multiple bedrooms, and are available in different prices. Some are found in gated communities with a homeowners’ association that look after the maintenance and upkeep of common grounds and the community’s security needs.

Condos and townhomes also make great investment properties. With their desirable location, they make attractive lodging options to the many visitors who flock to the area.

If you want to learn more about the various real estate options in the Southern Oregon coast, browse through our website or get in touch with RE/MAX Coast and Country anytime.

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